Amit Chatterjee, Entrepreneur in residence

amitAmit Chatterjee is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Engineering Capital. As a technology executive, Amit brings a combination of entrepreneurship and leadership at both large and early stage companies. He has created and led 4 companies (two VC backed) and sold three of them (one is independent). The largest of the SaaS companies was delivering $45 mil in SaaS revenue at time of exit. In addition, he had been at Fortune 500 companies as well, most recently running a $1.9 billion dollar P&L for CA Technologies. Prior to that He was at SAP, and led business from $250 mil to a $1 billion. Before that He was running sales and business development at Excite@Home after his company was acquired by them. He spent time at McKinsey & Co. as well to round out his skills around finance, corporate strategy and business operations.

Amit has attended UC Berkeley and Stanford University and has been elected to Fortune’s 40 under 40 list and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010.